Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do  I need for a deposit ?
    We require 25% down balance due 2 weeks before, For all events we accept cash/check/money order bank check or credit cards, Balances that are put on a credit card are subject to a 4 % convince charge
  • What if we decide we want the limo for a longer period of time ?
    As long as the limo isn’t schedule  somewhere else, we gladly extend the length of your event from  the original contracted time.At that time the overtime fees will be collected cash only .The best rule is to schedule for as long as long  feel you may need the limo, but there is no refund for unused time .
  • Do additional stops cost extra ?
    On a hourly packages, such as weddings ,there are no additional for  the extra stops. This includes home to church, to picture locations ,stopping at home ,to the reception, etc. This does NOT apply This does not apply if you want to use the limo as a shuttle service or to tour around with no specific destination in mind. We do not Cruise  around aimlessly in any of the limos. On airport transfers, and point to point transfers, additional stops are extra cost. The rate will be determined by the distance between, or the amount of extra time consumed . call for details .
  • Can I change / downsize / upsize the limo on my contract ?
    Yes, but the original deposit will be forfeited, and a new deposit will be required.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    All cancellation  must be in writing , either by email, fax, or registered letter. All deposits are NON-refundable. Weddings and Proms cancellations must be submitted sixty (60) days prior to the date of service ,or the full balance on the contract is due.
  • Am I  guaranteed the limo stated on my contract?
    Once a contracted is confirmed ,and signed by you the limo is a 100% guaranteed. If for some reason your specific  limo  can not be provided , we will call you immediately, explain the limo available for substitution, and you have the choice of accepting another limo, or voiding the contact and receiving a full refund of your deposit.
  • Can we eat in the limo?
    You are responsible for any additional clean up fees associated with damage or clean up above and beyond the normal (sweeping and vacuuming) certain foods, such as pizza, or any thing that can cause major stains are not allowed. Yes you can eat in the limousine as long as no additional mess is made or you will be charged additional clean up fee.
  • What if someone throws up or damages the interior/exterior of the limousine?
    The passenger making the reservation is reasonable for the entire group. Any damages are the responsibility of the individual that signed the contract. So are any legal fees and court costs associated with trying to collect. Cleanups involving professional carpet shampooing, such as vomit or any other bodily fluids START at minimum of $300.00. Rips and tears START at $200.00. the final total will be assessed after billing is received, and loss time is figured. Other damages will be billed in full including loss time and any travel back and forth to coachbuilders if needed.